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WELCOME TO School Franchise

School Franchise is a pioneer in the field of education providing Franchise with more Schools spread across the country and is inarguably the leading chain of Schools in the country. The School Franchise is a widely respected, one-of-a-kind Foundation that works for providing superior education & modern schooling even to the remote areas of our country. Since from its inception the School Franchise focused on the quality of education that can be provided to the students in all its franchisee schools by designing a very simple yet novel & modular curriculum with a global support system which ensures the predetermined parameters of the motto of the company. The ultimate goal of the best School Franchise business is to see that each and every child who joins our franchisee schools be an all-rounder prepared well to serve the nation which is the motto of the company "KARMANA YATI SANSIDDHM" meaning "Achievement through hard work. with its vision to become a global leader in the field of Franchising. DPS School Franchise is providing the said services to pan India under its Trade Mark along with Label/Logo. Apart from providing these services, School Franchise do not forget is Social Responsibilities and to carry forward this work, School Franchise will spend 10 -20% of its income for the Corporate Social Responsibilities and charity work for beneficial for humanity. School Franchise has proven to be the best way to invest an Investor's money, & avoiding their competition with the established brands in education field as a newcomer. Since, an Investor is somewhat inexperienced and unaware of the running a school, it is beneficial to take the franchisee path and emerge as a brand name in education. The best advantage of a CBSE school franchisee is getting the benefits of a known brand that limits the option of any new upcoming brand.

School Franchise stands out as one of the top brands in providing quality education. With its motto "KARMANA YATI SANSIDDHM" meaning "Achievement through hard work", School Franchise India has many branches sprawl across pan India and few in abroad too, signed under their franchising system. A strong team leading in the front, with its innovative and creative back up team and the team of well versed, experienced and dedicated academic academicians to enrich the qualitative and quantitative standards of the School Franchise is always working for the benefit of the students. This team ensures 24x7 supports to all the Franchisee Schools and their managements in their day to day activities coming up with guidelines to entrust the quality education to the students and orient them time to time to upgrade with the new trends in the society. If you too are thinking to become a member of School Franchise. and serve the cause of spreading education then check then take a look at our educational programs, including franchising education opportunities and our general procedure to make your work easy.