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Established An Organization:- Year 2010

Founder and Mentor:- Dr. Maria Montessori.

Working Area:- PAN INDIA

Trademark No:- yes

Class Registered:- 41


1) Pre School

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Cambridge Montessori Preschool Franchise in India is poised to create a learning environment for tiny tots which is based on internationally renowned Montessori philosophy propounded by Dr. Maria Montessori. Cambridge Montessori offers one of the most profitable preschool franchises in India, growing its chains all over India. Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Daycare are obligated to ensure an environment of love, compassion and harmony developing critical thinking and making the child independent. This process is very well calibrated by sincerely involving international Montessori experts, well-trained trainers, and teachers as well as parents by a way of engagement in the overall development of children.


Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Daycare is dedicated to give best possible start to the kids’ school life. Become a part of establishing Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Daycare franchise in India. Join hands today and help us make preschool and daycare reachable to more children. Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Daycare has developed an affordable model of preschool franchise in India on international level, requiring low investment for the establishment and functioning of the preschool franchise in India without compromising on the high quality learning for kids.


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YOU Must have the place and passion for opening a school and make it a successful institution.
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WE will help you in understanding the essential factors about having a brand name or Franchise school (with academic or marketing team).
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WE will support you continuously in the setup of your school on your land.
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WE will assist you with all necessary suggestion to run your franchise school successfully.
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    Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Daycare offers business with low investment and the investor will easily get 40% to 50% return on investment. A professional support provided by international council of Montessori experts, ensures guidance in your business operations and personal assistance in management and marketing by Cambridge Montessori Preschool and Daycare. Cambridge Montessori is the most preferred brand for preschool franchise in India. So, become a franchise of a well established preschool and daycare and maximize your profits in the long run.


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+91 91099 13365

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