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Established An Organization:- Year 2012

Founder and Mentor:- global discovery schools

Working Area:- PAN INDIA

Trademark No:- yes

Class Registered:- 41


1) Play/Kids School

2) Primary School

3) Sr. Secondary School

Four Pillars of schools franchise in Pan India

Frequently Questions
Hierarchy for Getting

How helps you Start Your Dream Project & Established its Successfully

Global Discovery Schools is steadily laying the foundation for a GDS school in every Indian town. The venture was started to pave the way for a revolution in the Indian education system. We are introducing future schools to fundamentally re-define what a school should be like. With 6+ years of extensive research, we are able to establish the concept of GDS playgroup to Class XII that guides a child towards a better life through better schooling. GDS’s ‘Roadmap to my Dreams’ platform takes care of long-term as well as short-term goals of the child's future. GDS has secured remarkable results across different states year after year, specifically in Gujarat, Punjab, MP, Maharashtra, Odisha, Tamilnadu in terms of brand value, admissions and economics. We have opened the doors for entrepreneurs, land/building owners and investors who have an eye for opportunities in an ever expanding sector that has been providing stable financial flow over many decades. If you own 2 to 5 acres of land, can do 30K upfront construction, plus you have 3 crores liquid funds for operations, then taking a GDS franchise will surely prove to be a good investment.


GDS partners with you as ‘school IP’ and ‘school management’ company to help you in setting-up the school and manages it for you Construction will happen in phases, starting with 24000 sq feet upfront. Total built up area will be 72000 sq. feet spanning from 0-7 years Student capacity in one admission shift is 1800 to 2200 Financials: Minimum land requirement is 2 acres, preferably 4 acres. Upfront construction of 24000 to 30,000 sq feet Additional investment required is Rs. 3 crore liquid capital for operations across first 3 years The rest can be financed by loan. GDS provides assistance through preferred bankers Higher than industry IRR and margins Optimised capex investment and early break-even GDS schemes are structured to meet your risk appetite and financial exposure. In any case, GDS incentivises itself based on the school performance to ensure GDS has high stake in your school’s success. Please click here download the detailed presentation


First Step


YOU Must have the place and passion for opening a school and make it a successful institution.
Second Step


WE will help you in understanding the essential factors about having a brand name or Franchise school (with academic or marketing team).
Third Step


WE will support you continuously in the setup of your school on your land.
Fourth Step


WE will assist you with all necessary suggestion to run your franchise school successfully.
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  • 1
    Minimum requirement:

    Land 2 acres & Rs. 3 crore liquid capital. Upfront construction of 24000 to 30,000 sq feet Additional investment required is Rs. 3 crore liquid capital for operations across first 3 years.

    Global discovery academy will holds your hands from the beginning till the end, safeguarding your investment and time like no one else does.

    School Student Teacher Ratio: 1:8

    • Vision for setting up progressive and quality driven school

    • Land and Building as per affiliating body requirements

    • Financial backing to sustain the project for initial 2 years

    • Passion and commitment to nurture the young learners

    • Goodwill and recognition of local audience

    Salient Features

  • 2
    • Experienced and highly motivated team members in all areas of school management and operations

    • Well tested and documented systems , policies and procedures

  • 3
    • Strategic tie ups with agencies

    • Research and development team

    • School readiness checklist and audit procedures School Management

  • 4
    • School Standard Practices

    • Innovative Value- Addition Services

    • School Audit

    • Affiliation Guidance

    Talent Management Services

  • 5
    • Facilitator Enhancement Program

    • Employee Performance Management

    • Hierarchy Tree with roles and responsibilities Progressive Curriculum

  • 6
    • Curriculum Manuals

    • Content and Workbooks

    • 360 degree Assessment

    • Training support

    Strategic Alliances

  • 7
    • National & International exchange program for students & facilitators

    • Vocational Training alliances

    • Corporate alliances

    Green Field Project Guidance

  • 8
    • Site selection

    • Project feasibility report

    • Infrastructure guidance

    • Branding

    Parent Partnership Program

  • 9
    • Parent Communication Platform

    • Parent involvement ideas

    • Parent Clubs

    IT Solution

  • 10
    • Ediclick-ERP Solution

    Student enrolment

  • 11
    • Marketing strategy

    • Brand enhancement

    • Collateral designs

    • Student referral program

    DARY SCHOOL ON Our Support

  • 12
    Starting and operating a school successfully is a herculean and complicated task that requires a team of experienced professionals who have had direct experience with all of the elements of school formation, and operations.

    Advisor is a complete consultancy service – INSPIRING NEW AND EXISTING INSTITUTES TO SUCCEED. We specialize in Establishing, Developing, Managing, Operating and enabling growth for Schools coupled with Teacher Development, Assessment, ICT Management Solutions, Quality review & Control.

    Advisor is dedicated to provide customized turn key solutions to help independent schools to excel and stay up breast with the latest in schooling systems around the globe.

  • 13
    Terms & Conditions

    Send Application Form

    Send Site Inspection D.D

    Send Inspection and Approve

    Meetings with our respective designated persons/ Co-coordinators

    Sign MoU

    Sign the Franchise Agreement

    Build Infrastructure & Interiors

    Plan for Faculty & Their Training

    Center is Formally Launched

    Update & Support From Management

  • 14
    Required Document

    The Society / Trust should be registered.

    Land Layout, Building Layout, Picture of Land.

    Permission from Development Authority.

    The Land on which school premises to be constructed should be in the name of Society either on a lease of 30 years minimum or purchased.

    Two stamp papers of 500 Rupees each

    Audit Report of Last 3 Financial Years.

    Society Pan-Card

    Address proof of school premise

    Address proof of Founder member

    Pan card of founder member

    Two passport size photograph

    All papers of Trust/Society/NGO etc.


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