Training Support

Training & Supports

School Franchise Management feels it important that a teacher should be always ready to learn new things and believes in the philosophy "Teacher is a lifelong Student". As much as the teacher learns from the experience he/she becomes more proficient. Hence, the management provides training to the teachers of our Franchisee schools for the benefit of both the teacher and student. Through these training we keep them updated with the latest developments in the modern era of education so that a teacher is always the first to deliver or share the knowledge to the child beyond the four walls. Our style of training will be a true corporate and certified and enables the teacher to enrich their competent areas.

The team of trainers will not only train the teachers but also inspect the Franchisee Schools from time to time and monitor the progress of the Franchisee schools towards the satisfaction of the parent.

Our team also available online either by phone or by internet 24X7 to support the Franchisee management / Faculty in their difficulties of administration.The group comprises of a Psychology, Methodology, Yoga/Meditation, Core Subject mentors who have the aptitude in these fields and give the best of their insight to prepare, trim and man of the hour our personnel to their best execution levels.